Tax Returns

Tax Filing Options and Benefits

What is the best method for filing taxes in the busy world we inhabit today? The answer to this question will depend on what you are looking for, and how much you have to deal with. Truth be told, anyone can do their own taxes, but do you know the ins and outs of receiving the most back or having to pay in the least amount?

When searching for the best way to file your taxes it is important that you understand everyone has their own situation, therefore, will find a separate solution. You might find that the way you did them last year doesn’t sound logical this year. As you get more experienced, you might be able to do them by yourself rather than visit a tax center.


This method of filing is best for someone wishing to take care of everything without the assistance of an outside source. You can find the paperwork needed at your local post office which all you will have to do is fill out, and send in.

Is it right for me? Filing taxes through the mail is typically used by those that have simple taxes without many deductions or attachments. It may work best for those that are single, such as college students, and have very little to deal with.

Benefits of Do-It-Yourself:

• No Filing Fee Required
• Less Hassle

Enlist a CPA

If you own a business or have multiple sources of income, a CPA take care of your complicated return. The downside to this option is you will have to pay the CPA, which can prove to be quite costly.

If you have a very complicated tax situation, you may find this to be the best solution. By going to a CPA you are able to find all the resources to answering your complex questions on filing, and what will need to be done to get the greatest result.

Benefits of Using a CPA:

• One-on-One Consultation
• Personalized Guidance through the process.

Use Online Services

There are numerous sites that allow you to file your taxes online making the entire process go much faster. You can apply for a tax refund loan immediately after transferring your information to speed the process up even more.visit this helpful site

One of the greatest things about filing online is that it works for almost everyone. If you have a complicated case, then you can follow step by step instructions which make it easier. If you have a small or average size case, it can be completely done within 15-30 minutes. All you have to have is the internet, and you are good to go.

Authorized online services still must be approved by the IRS and are guaranteed private.

Benefits of Online Service:

• Tax loans can be applied for and obtained within minutes.
• Can be done from Home in your Spare Time.
• Will speed the process up significantly.
• Less trips to the tax office as you have everything at home, where you are doing your taxes.
• Can be done with the entire family to begin teaching children how it works, and what to do.
• Small Filing Fee.
• Often Guaranteed Mathematically correct.

Use Walk-in Centers

A Walk-in center will allow you to file your taxes using a tax advisor, a professional that files taxes for a living. When filing your taxes using this method, you will be expected to pay a fee before, during, or after receiving your refund. The process has become much faster as some tax centers allow you to get a tax loan while waiting for your actual check. The main reason for doing this rather than filing online would be that you either do not have a computer or are uncomfortable using the computer.

Benefits of Walk-In Centers:

• Personal one-on-one service
• You can discuss problems or concerns
• You will be given advice on do’s and don ts of filing
• Costs less than a CPA but offers similar benefits for simpler returns

Use a Boxed Program

The most common boxed programs offered allow you to fill out paperwork with step-by-step instructions or come with software to do it all online. Either way, it is important that you have a basic understanding of taxes if you plan to use this method of filing. Most only offer common needs which may not include all that you need.

It is recommended that you have experience working with taxes before turning to a boxed program. With tons on the market, you will need to know which one works best for your current tax requirements. This is mainly for someone that knows how to do it but needs something to make it go a little faster and organized.

Tax Filing

Benefits of Boxed Program:

• Allows you to do your taxes in the privacy of your own home
• Can also be done at the office
• Will cost less than filing in an office
• Works well for business and personal filing
• Step-by-Step visual instructions ease confusion
• Can be done on your own time quickly

No matter what method you end up choosing you should first look into filing online as it has been the best answer to most tax issues such as not enough time, too much stress, or even not being able to find a babysitter. Although it is ultimately your choice, the benefits should speak for themselves.