Tax Returns

9 smart ways to spend your tax refund

We know not buying things can be a difficult task, but the good news is that it can become a little easier with your tax refunds.

1) Pay your bills on the same day:

Change the due date of all your fixed accounts to soon after the day your salary drops. This makes it much easier to organize. The money comes in, you already pay everything you owe and stay in the account with only the money needed to spend the month.

2) Talk about family money:

If you are married, the finance theme should be part of the couple’s day to day life. If you have children, the same goes for the family.

3) Go shopping with cash:

Another surefire tip for anyone who does not want to spend more than planned at the grocery store or mall is to go shopping with the money counted in the wallet. So we are more concerned about knowing how much we are spending and if the final value exceeds our goal, we will be forced to leave some things on the shelf. If you need help to understand your tax refunds contact

4) Buy at department stores

Why do you make such a big deal about buying designer clothes? Have you tried buying, at least the basic pieces, in department stores? The prices are much more inviting.

5) but also buy some quality parts:

However, it is also important to spend a little more on some better quality pieces that last longer. The cheap is often expensive. The key is to balance some department store purchases and other, more worthwhile, stores that offer more expensive products, provided they are even better quality.

6) Use credit card reward programs:

By now you should have given your credit card a holiday using your tax return money, but if you’ve really abused it in the last few months, the upside is that you can reap the rewards now.

Check the number of points accumulated in the rewards program linked to your card. You can find in the catalog some product that you need, and when you redeem the points, you do not have to spend it.

7) Consider buying things outside in cheaper countries

It is true that it is not always that we have the opportunity to travel abroad, but turns around and we meet someone who goes out. On these occasions, if you are in need of electronics, cosmetics or clothes, it is worth considering the possibility of buying these items abroad, which are usually much cheaper, depending on the moment of exchange.

8) Focus on paying debt with your tax return:

If you are in debt, your first financial priority should be to take them off. If you can afford to pay cash, it is preferable to get a good discount on interest. If not, make a counterproposal to lenders to get installments that fit your budget. If you are in expensive credit arrangements, such as check and revolving credit card, consider taking a loan with lower interest. With the money, you take out your debts and start paying less interest.

9) Save what you can:

It is a good idea to save 15% of your income and also of your tax return, but if you are in debt you will hardly be able to reserve this amount for savings at this time. The key then is to save what is possible until you can restructure: $ 5 or $ 10, it does not matter. The big secret here is to create the habit of saving.

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